Turmeric. The yellow wonder spice!

Turmeric. The yellow wonder spice!

Turmeric is a traditional spice of Ayurvedic medicine which is most commonly found in curries. This root contains the bright active constituent called Curcumin, which is used as a flavouring, colouring and for its active properties. Turmeric’s popularity has increased in recent years due to Golden milk and other turmeric based products. It is also commonly seen in food supplement preparations.

India has been the largest producer of turmeric since ancient times, though turmeric grows throughout the tropics.  People are interested its natural healing properties and it’s been used in a medicinal context for over 4,500 years. Ancient pots near New Delhi showed under analysis the residue from turmeric, ginger and garlic dating back as early as 2500 BCE.


Nutritionist Deepali Shah Katira says,

“Turmeric is becoming increasingly popular in the Western world. It is no longer just used as a spice in Indian cuisine, but can be found in tea, coffee, ice cream, tablets and capsules. It is the latest superfood which is booming in the health food trade and supermarkets.”


Look out for Turmeric products which are combined with black pepper, since this increases bioavailability, so that Turmeric stays in the bloodstream for longer which means it can be fully utilised by the body. The active constituent in black pepper is called piperine and this can increase Turmeric bioavailability by 2000% when taken together. Products should contain at least 500mg of Turmeric.

Choose a formula with the botanical ingredients Boswellia and Ginger since these work in synergy with Turmeric, which means they all work together more effectively when taken at the same time. For rapid release choose a Turmeric product which is in capsules that may digest faster than tablets. Look out for products which contains Copper and Manganese since these both contribute to the normal function of connective tissue. This fibrous tissue is found in cartilage which offers support and protection to joints and bones.

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