We believe in being transparent about what goes into our products and our quality processes.
This is why all our supplements are marked TraceSupple™, which provides important nutritional information about every product in a handy fact sheet. 

We formulate supplements using the best active ingredients, providing high bioavailability.  However, even the best sourced ingredients can sometimes be blended with excipients to help them flow and become more bioavailable within the supplements.

So, because we want you to be clear about what’s in the supplements that you are taking and as part of our commitment to you, our TraceSupple™ fact sheet lists any excipients that are in our products, along with the active ingredients and any allergens. To find out more, simply enter your product details below and the fact sheet will be emailed to you.

We formulate supplements that use the best active ingredients, providing high bioavailability

All of our capsules are gluten free, we test every batch to ensure there are no traces of this allergen

We are certified by the MHRA and manufacture in line with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

We are transparent about all the ingredients and excipients that go into making our supplements

The truth behind labelling & ingredients.

As part of our brand promise, we have made a conscious decision to be completely honest about every ingredient that has gone into making our supplements. From any hidden blended active ingredients to any excipients that are used in order to produce the best quality supplement. 
We want you to know what’s in there and more importantly, why it’s there. Many other brands are not this transparent.

What is an excipient and why are they used?

An excipient is a substance formulated alongside an active ingredient in a supplement. The purpose of an excipient is to enhance the stability of active ingredients or improve the bioavailability of the supplement. Although we try to keep our products as pure as possible, there are instances when these are needed or already premixed into an ingredient within the formulation. For example, in certain raw materials the absence of Maltodextrin would cause the powder to crystallise which would make it unusable.

What is TraceSupple™?

Lifeplan's TraceSupple™ fact sheet is designed to give you complete confidence about the products you are buying from us. It provides important information about every product in our range. Simply fill in the form below with your product and batch number, and we will send you the fact sheet.


Enter the details into the form for the product you want to check, and we'll get back to you with our TraceSupple™ factsheet.