About us

We believe that knowing exactly what goes into your body is the foundation for achieving health. We source premium ingredients for our formulations from reputable suppliers, ensuring complete trust and traceability.

We have been at the forefront of supplement development and manufacturing for over 40 years, with innovative formulations to help people in every stage of life.

Our History

Based on family values, Lifeplan was founded
in rural Leicestershire in 1983. For over 40 years we've made the highest quality vitamin and mineral supplements for customers worldwide. Our experts constantly innovate to develop the best formulations, for our customers’ health.

Our Green Credentials

We use renewable source energy
for all of our manufacturing throughout
our manufacturing site. Our eco blister is bio degradable and our cartons are recyclable.

Our Quality

We manufacture our products in line with
Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) which is a quality standard applied at every stage of our business. We hold an MHRA pharmaceutical licence, Kosher Accreditation, Vegan Society Accreditation and we have been approved
by the Soil Association.

Our products are manufactured using renewable energy sources


Years of supplement expertise


TraceSupple™ ingredients


Recyclable packaging

How do we guarantee the quality we promise to deliver?

We promise to deliver high-quality and efficacious vitamin and mineral supplements. Our offering starts with the ingredients that we source and the suppliers we choose to use. Before we approve a supplier, we check that they have recognised quality accreditations, that their site is maintained to a high standard, that their staff are trained, and treated fairly and that their health and safety are a priority.

Once we are happy with the standard of our chosen supplier and the information they have provided about the desired ingredients, we give them the seal of approval and will work with them to supply the ingredients to our manufacturing site. When an ingredient arrives on site our quality team sample and approve it before it’s stored in a monitored environment in our warehouse or sent to manufacturing to produce our supplements. Everything on site is monitored with unique batch codes for ease of traceability.

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