What is an excipient vs an active ingredient? 

We believe in being transparent about what goes into our products and our quality processes.
This is why all our supplements are marked TraceSupple™, which provides important nutritional information about every product in a handy fact sheet. 

We formulate supplements using the best active ingredients, providing high bioavailability.  However, even the best sourced ingredients can sometimes be blended with excipients to help them flow and become more bioavailable within the supplements.

So, because we want you to be clear about what’s in the supplements that you are taking and as part of our commitment to you, our TraceSupple™ fact sheet lists any excipients that are in our products, along with the active ingredients and any allergens. To find out more, simply enter your product details below and the fact sheet will be emailed to you.


An excipient is a substance formulated alongside an active ingredient in medication or a supplement. The purpose of an excipient is to stabilise, bulk up the formulation with the active ingredient to help in its administration inside the body.

Active Ingredient

Is a substance in a medicine or supplement that has an effect on the body. It can have an effect on one part or many parts of the body. Multiple active ingredients can be grouped together. 

Hidden blended excipients and what they do:

We want you to be completely confident about everything that goes into your body, so below is an overview of what excipients are and more importantly, why we might use them. 

Why we only have capsules? 

Manufacturing tablets can be a long process with many ingredients needed to combine active ingredients, make them taste better, dissolve at the right speed, absorb better, making sure they don’t break easily (hardness is perfect), use preservatives and to prevent the ingredients from oxidative damage. To make them attractive to look at, they must be dressed up in colour and coated with matt or glossy material. 

So, we have chosen to use capsules over tablets because they don’t require binders, coatings, colours or sweeteners. This results in giving you high bioavailability of the active ingredients, making it easier to swallow too. We would also use natural fillers, bulking agents and flow agents where possible. 

Our capsules are vegan, vegetarian friendly and meet most religious requirements. This is because the capsules are made from plant derived material hydroxyl propyl methyl cellulose (HPMC). HPMC capsules are pH-independent, have delayed disintegration, with moisture and oxygen barriers to allow the active ingredients to survive stomach acid and be absorbed in the intestines where all the magic happens.